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PEI has been performing vehicle testing since the early 80's. PEI's laboratory is now ISO 17025 accredited for many FMVSS tests and all of the Ambulance Manufacturers Division (AMD) test standards, with exception to AMD 023. We currently offer full certification to the GSA Specification KKK1822F, including the vehicle inspection. Please contact Andrew Alger with questions and for pricing.

NEW this year to PEI's testing scope is full scale vehicle racking tests. This test is similiar to the FMVSS 216 Roof Crush Test, however is larger scale and higher loads than found in FMVSS 216. This test is based on the Colorado/Utah Specification for School Busses which requires, in addition to the FMVSS 220 Roof Crush Test, a diagonal load applied to the corner of the roof with less than 5.125" displacement at 1.5 times the vehicle GVWR. Please contact Jason Holdeman with questions and for pricing.