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Pei is an International Accredited Evaluation Service

Our approach to Listing a product follows what our approach has been to Testing products since 1979.

We find an existing test standard for your specific product.
We work closely with you to thoroughly understand your needs.
We complete the testing as quickly as possible.
We use our over 45 years of testing experience to assist you in design change or efficiency.

Our goal is to complete a Listing within one month after all of the testing is complete.
We can help you get into the market Quicker & Easier.

Advantages of Pei Evaluation Reports

1. We use a common sense approach to writing your Evaluation Report while reviewing the applicable codes.
2. We display your product in a format that you find best represents the product, whether it is using photos, drawings, or other aids.
3. We take care of the entire process to ease the burden on you.
4. Immediate distribution to your customer base.
5. Quick & Efficient service to expedite your products to the market place.
6. Pei has been Testing, Inspecting & Labeling Products since 1979.
7. Approved as a Florida Product Testing Laboratory and Product Quality Assurance Entity.
8. Approved as a Los Angeles Product Listing Agency TA10232.